About Jungle Oasis Permaculture PDC Course

We run as a non-profit sustainable enterprise that offer Permaculture Design Certificate courses to students from all over the world.

Our 5 acre site is located in the lush surroundings of North Goa, 10 minutes from Arambol beach on a permaculture project site which offers daily yoga, an onsite swimming pool, full vegetarian restaurant, various  sustainable single and shared accommodation options for all students

Our internationally recognised PDC course runs over 16 days (72 hours) from the

3rd of March until the 18th of March 2018

Course Curriculum for our 72 hour PDC Course with Rico Zook

Subjects Covered 

  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles
  • Observation
  • Pattern Literacy and Application (physical and invisible)
  • Energy and Flows
  • Site Assessment and Sector Analysis
  • Zonation Maps and Map making
  • Energy Storage and Resources
  • Water: Harvesting, Holding, and Cycling Grey and Blackwater
  • Humanure
  • Soil Health and Building: Compost piles, tea, soup and stew
  • Micro‐Organisms and their uses
  • Plants and Cropping Patterns: Guilds to Forest Gardens Annual Vegetable production Cold Weather Food production
  • Animal Systems Aquaculture and Ponds, including Pond construction
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Buildings: Siting and Integration with Environment Natural Building and Green Architecture Microclimates
  • Appropriate Technology Design: Methodologies and Process Designing for Catastrophe
  • Urban Permaculture and Community Scale Design
  • Toxins and Bio‐remediation Invisible Structures
  • Alternative Economics Peak and Post Petroleum
  • Permaculture in the Majority World
  • Permaculture and Organizations
  • Right Livelihood

Hands on Project may include Greater system construction, sheet mulching, compost pile building, spiral garden construction, solar hot water construction, seed ball making,

Site Visits to neighboring working permaculture sites

Design Project – in the latter part of the course design teams will be formed and given real life design assignments that are relevant to the site of the workshop. The course will culminate with each team giving presentations of their designs to the class and interested local people and groups. These designs will be left with site to become valuable resources for them

Design Certification- students will be awarded on full completion of the course and Design Projects a certificate in Permaculture Design


We have various all inclusive accommodation packages available click HERE for full details


We are very passionate about sharing permaculture with everyone who feels drawn to taking this course, therefore we have a limited number of *SCHOLARSHIP PLACES available for students to take the course for a discounted rate.

If you feel this is your situation you can contact us directly

As these places are limited we ask that you only apply for these places if your financial situation requires it 




please like and share us by following this link to our facebook page …..

Our Solar Hot water heater, taken At the Vasundahara festival.
Our Solar Hot water heater, taken At the Vasundahara festival.

2 thoughts on “About Jungle Oasis Permaculture PDC Course”

  1. Very happy to know that you are also thinking to heal the world
    i personally thank you for what you all been doing.
    i also want to implement this kind of thing especially growing more trees to help in a small part of healing the world.
    Wish you the best for the future


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