About our Permaculture Project

We run as a non-profit sustainable enterprise. We don’t receive any funding or grants, we are supported fully by the courses that we run on our site.

Our 5 acre site offers sustainable accommodation for 18, an excellent restaurant with great staff and even better food, a purpose-built class room and a lawn for morning yoga. And a pool.

We are part of an Indian registered charity (Goa registration number 722/2015) called the Jungle Pool Trust, a volunteer enabled charity, that provides swimming lessons for local children and therapy for a special group of lesser able kids supported by the charity.

Our projects vision is to :

  • Regenerate the health of the soil on our own and neighboring sites
  • Increase the health and skills of local and visiting people
  • Provide a haven for Flora and Fauna, indigenous and introduced
  • Act as hub of support for the sustainable community
  • Establish healing & edible landscapes throughout our environment
  • Allow access for all physical abilities over the entire site
  • Develop sources of income that generate right (ethical) livelihoods

Our course aims to :

  • Provide a supportive and relaxed environment for all involved
  • Create & demonstrate holistic regenerative construction & land management practices.
  • Be available to a diverse group of participants including those with low income, though student funded experiences, internships and voluntary experiences.
  • Cultivate and evolve designs for the project sites
  • Provide space for hands on learning
  • Open a discussion on future projects and provide networking opportunities
  • Provide an ethical source of income for the project and its partners

Share our vision? find out more about our March 2018 design  course here…

please like and share us by following this link to our facebook page …..

Our Solar Hot water heater, taken At the Vasundahara festival.
Our Solar Hot water heater, taken At the Vasundahara festival.

2 thoughts on “About our Permaculture Project

  1. Very happy to know that you are also thinking to heal the world
    i personally thank you for what you all been doing.
    i also want to implement this kind of thing especially growing more trees to help in a small part of healing the world.
    Wish you the best for the future


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