Our Journey and what we have found…

Namaste & Hello

This is a brief story about us: Hannah and Joey, two nomads who have left their old lives and joined the traveling community in search of a new way of being.

In this blog post we will tell you a little of our story, what we have been doing on our journey, what we have learnt and what’s happening next for us

Our story,

Joey felt that his job in healthcare was more about a “you fix me” based interaction, and wished for one that involved both the practitioner and the client sharing everything as part of a journey on the road to health.

Hannah’s story reads the same as the first line of the 1982 hit by a Human League:

She was working as waitress in a cocktail bar” and when she really asked herself that all important question about her life and job: “Is this what life is really about?”

We both left our lives and jobs and went to travel the world, we started our journeys on the roof of the world in the Himalayas of nepal. We met each other in October 2013 and since then have been living, loving and traveling together.

Both of us are eternal dreamers and long for an creating a new way of existing in relation to others, sharing a community focused and eco friendly vision of the world. Where we are more focused on community interdependence rather than independence.

We both share a passion for traveling the outdoors, barefoot exploring, prefering to move by motorbike wherever possible and camping whenever we can. So on our path we have discovered and feel a deep connection to this mother earth that we all share. We have learnt that: when we find a vibe that fits ours, that its ok to settle down and really get to know a place, it’s weather, it’s wildlife, its people and of course it’s food.

We both felt drawn to India,

And while there we looked to do a Permaculture Design course (PDC). We Hoped to deepen our understanding of natures systems and be able to live more harmoniously with her patterns and rhythms. So as part of our travels we attended a 2 week intensive PDC, In Auroville Southeast India. This was Led by Rico Zook and under his and Martin Bastide’s experienced tutoring, we were able to grasp the concepts outlined in the Permaculture philosophy such as the key ethics, principles and strategies as well as the technical details of creating and implementing our designs.

Did we achive our goal ? Yes, after finishing the 72hr course we felt our passion renewed and that we had reached understandings of how we can make a change within our own lives, that will affect the world around us. We had the confidence that our skills were strong enough to take on a project ourselves… And we met other like minded souls, from all walks of life and from all over the world. It felt like coming home, bonding to a group who shared the same attitude about life and the ways forward with each finding a little more of their own path along it…  Many we have kept in contact with and hope to see as many as possible again soon… !

Shortly after finishing our PDC and returning to our now second home, in Arambol, Goa, We were given the chance to contribute to the Jungle Project. It’s mission and vision is to build a non-profit centre that champions health care for disabled children of India. Along with providing a pool to use during therapy sessions, it aims to be an accessible environment for all physical abilities. We felt like the universe had put the chance to be part of something special, right at our feet…

The project includes space for people to experience the healing nature of dance and creativity in community. There are a plethora of dance workshops and performances are held and it has a set of large comfortable tipis, and two sets of showers along with calm areas for yoga set right on the edge of the Jungle. Where flocks of Birds and families of Monkeys pass by yoga students as they frequent the sites many wild areas. However the land has been affected by years of chemical farming, its been left dry and undernourished in need of some serious work..

So we feel eternal gratitude at being given the opportunity to become part of a community that shares our vision of healing, creativity and growth. We have been supported by our understanding friends and family, to put into practice a vision of our own design as part of this very special project.We have been given a space and allowed to practice our new found skills. The chance at healing a very special part of the earth and at the same time learning a huge amount ourselves…

So what happens now ?

As we write this we have just finished planning our first project: we have asked our Gurus, Rico and Martin to come to our project and teach a PDC on our site.

We have been inspired to open this space to a range of courses and intend for it to include peoples from all walks of life. We believe that this message of permaculture holds many of the answers we were looking for when we looked at the problem of our world and society and our selves. We believe if applied it truly had the ability to change us and the way we all live in this environment that we all share.

We feel that this space is the perfect venue for a PDC as it offers a mix of comfortable tipi accommodation and all weather classrooms and space for doing hands on work. Its restaurant can easily cater for the stomachs of our students and our site is naturally divided into a social bar area and quieter scared site where plenty of peaceful areas exist.

We can guarantee that you will learn valuable skills from Rico and Martin. So if any of this sounds like your story, or like the story that you want to be a part of, come and join Rico, Martin those who have already booked and us, this November, for an awesome 2 week experience that will change your world.

Our projects vision is to:

  • Regenerate the health of the soil on ours and neighbouring sites.
  • Increase the health and skills off local and visiting people.
  • Provide a haven for Flora and Fauna, of indigenous and introduced species.
  • Act as hub of support for the sustainable community
  • Establish a healing & edible landscape, thought our environment
  • Allow access for all physical abilities over the entire site
  • Develop sources of income that generate right (ethical) livelihoods

So what can you do to make this sound like your story ?

To read more about our project visit : thejungleoasispermacultureproject.org

Thanks for reading, we hope this story inspires the change your looking for, Remember what Ghandi said and : BE the change you look for in this world… 🙂

(this story was originaly posted on www.jdpermaculture.com)


Author: Joseph Devlin

Active Recovery & Manual Therapist

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