Amanda Bicum:

Amanda Bicum
Amanda Biccum is a passionate yoga teacher and Holistic Nutritionist from San Francisco, CA. Over the years she has studied with various teachers throughout India and the US and is well versed in styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Acroyoga. She has taught various workshops in countries around the world including India, Thailand, Vietnam and the US. To Amanda, yoga is not a workout, it’s a lifestyle which holds the key to inner transformation. Her mission is to connect, inspire and empower each person she comes into contact with whether on or off the mat. Her teaching style is a unique blend focusing on intention, alignment, and breath her classes are strong slow and mindful.

“Creating union between body, mind and spirit we find harmony both within and without. It starts with the individual and from there transfers to the Universal…this is the message I hope to spread.” – Amanda Biccum