About Sustainable Eco friendly design

What is the 72 Hour Permaculture Design Course ?

Using a variety of learning techniques and strategies this course will present Permaculture with all of its applications in mind. Class time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, games, exercises, photo shows, and movies. We will focus on land systems with as much hands on work and examples as possible. Many discussions of the application of Permaculture to the ‘Invisible Structures’, those social, cultural, political, and economic structures that shape much of our world today. Not only will the course be about Permaculture, but it will also model it by its structure and the environment we create together during the course.

This workshop will involve group work with students completing a real life design project. Based on a site near the venue.
Once completion of the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course theoretical and practical knowledge of Permaculture will be gained and at the end of the workshop they will receive a  Certificate that will enable the participant to practice as a Permaculture practitioner.

Classes will run on the following timetable:

7am to 8am Yoga  (optional and included in price of course )
8 am Breakfast
9 am Morning class
(Tea break depending on timing)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon class
(Drink break depending on timing)
17:30 Class ends
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Movie/Photos
Some evenings will have movie photo slideshows these will aim to finish by 21:00 (21:30 at latest)

Check out information on our teachers here:

For information on pricing options please click here:


2 thoughts on “About Sustainable Eco friendly design”

  1. This is a Confession I make not to the lord but to the person I reffer to as an eye opener to me a good bet to you as well my fellow beings, friends.
    A confession which changed my perception of life and enhanced my ways of seeing to observation. Concussion to a clear thinking which helped me understand the importance of WHY PERMACULTURE? And its Ethics of Earth Care. People Care. Fare Share.
    The “Person” I mentioned earlier is an amazing soul always on his toes waiting to share knowledge, to help open the closed mindset of any individual or group by transforming them in being Happy and Joyfull individuals in their own right and Earth loving and Caring people.
    An Attitude which “He ” shares to lead life on the farm or in the cities on how to be sustainable and bring about a change and how to live in Harmony with nature.
    I met “Him” in November 2013 in a PDC which he led.
    The course was for 72 hours spread into 15 days, with fun filled activity based learning. A few topics I would like to share as the list is huge which we learnt was on Water management and harvest. Grey and black water recycling and harvest . sustainable living practices. Life style management in context with a happy environment based living by how to reduce waste and how to reuse rather than recycle , which has significantly transformed my life style.
    With Topics oN WHY DO WE NEED TO PROTECT THE GLOBE WE LIVE IN and the importance as to why we need to protect “IT”.
    From gardening to large scale farming techniques to research and to life’s experiences as a whole.
    I actually started to explore a lot more within my local habitat and started to observe and learn more and enjoy how Beautiful Life is around me.
    “He” is a very versatile and talented young being on Planet Earth. An Excellent Teacher / Facilitator . A Good friend. A Good Guide and a Beautiful Soul to hang out with and he is ” RICO ZOOK”.
    WOW well I’m off to GOA this November for the upcoming PDC led by Rico Zook and assisted by my Dear Friend Martin.
    But this time I’m accompanied by my life partner love my better half Gouthami so as a couple we wish to gain more knowledge and to see a change in our lives and in everyone’s lives around us. Hope in meeting you at the Permaculture Design Certification 🙂
    And not to forget its theee party Destination its GOAaaa….


  2. Great to hear feed back from you Arcot, Ricos teaching is certainly a life changer. Looking forward to having you on the course with us !


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