Crowdfund project

Despite it’s recent industrial growth, India remains the poorest nation on earth with hundreds of millions of people struggling to feed themselves each day.

The solution, we believe, must involve Indian farmers being able to produce food in a sustainable and efficient way.That’s where we come in.

We are running a permaculture design course and we want to sponsor five Indian farmers or agriculturalists to participate free of charge.

They can then take that knowledge back to their communities and implement it, creating benefits both in terms of food on plates and passing the skills they’ve learnt on to others.

We have managed to obtain the services of a top permaculture

teacher, Rico Zook, but it is only for a limited time and he has to

start teaching the course. If we can secure the funds in time these five

aspiring permaculturalists can participate. If not, they will miss out.

These funds will provide an incredibly valuable and potentially life-saving experience for the course participants.

They will:

* Enable them to travel from the towns and villages where they live to Goa where the course is taking place and to return home safely

* Provide food and accommodation for the duration of the course

* Fund the five student’s participation in the course itself, including teaching resources, materials and information to take home

* Pay the wages of our incredible teacher

  • A donation of $25 will provide one of the Indian students with their meals for the day
  • A donation of $50 will pay for decent clean accommodation for the students while participating in the course
  • A donation of $100 will provide for a whole day of lessons
  • A donation of $250 will provide invaluable classroom resources
  • A donation of $500 will pay our highly experienced teacher’s wages for a day
  • A donation of $1,000 will completely fund one of the students to participate in the course!
  • A donation of $10,000 Would ensure the continuation of this project in 2017!